New Podcast Coming Soon!

So this past week I had a great dialogue with friend and local justice advocate, Manuel Padilla - it was an open forum dialogue delivered as part of the Wed. night Insight program at New Thought Center for Spiritual Living, where I serve as the Spiritual Director. Our dialogue prior to the service was incredible - and then the service itself was wonderful too. As I drove home, motivated by the positive feedback and engaging interactions - I reflected on how many other times I’ve had the privilege to sit with colleagues and friends and explore topics in deep and meaningful ways.

and the vibration of that conversation sparked a new idea….

I am excited to announce my latest project: New Thoughts - Podcast with David Alexander.

In this podcast I will explore philosophy, psychology, theology, spirituality, justice and the dynamics of consciousness in our collective human experience. Together we will examine the social tension and challenges and seek to apply principles from the New Thought Movement in an effort to help create a world that works for everyone. I’ll be interviewing friends and colleagues from my network of Thought Leaders, Social Justice advocates, educators, and spiritual leaders. I’ll be exploring and expanding thoughts from my weekly sermons, my monthly column, Philosophy In Action in Science of Mind Magazine, and more. Episodes will range from 30min to 45min each and I’m hoping to get them out at least once per week.

I need your help - What topics would YOU like to hear me explore and why? How often would you be willing to tune in and what other feedback would you be willing to share with me as I launch this new venture?

Please comment bellow or send me an email at